IQ Advertising Consultants is very experienced with utilizing Facebook, TV, Newspaper & Radio as platforms to secure claimants for law firms in a very affordable manner for law firms across the country. We also provide intake processing or client retention services via IQ’s 24/7 150-seat call center, which is available to immediately process your intakes/calls and retain claimants who meet your case criteria. Our rates and turnkey advertising solutions are tough to beat, so if you are looking for a new/additional resource where you can affordably obtain cases, you’ve come to the right place. Please check out our services below to see sample ads, and get a better idea of how we work!

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising

    IQ has been successfully bringing Facebook leads to clients for over three years now. Our campaign manager is a former Facebook employee and very astute about audience targeting. As a result, we are able to secure high quality... Read More
  • TV Advertising

    TV Advertising

    Having been heavily involved since 2004, IQ can help you reach your desired audience through TV advertising as well. After we customize a :15, :30 or 60-second spot to your liking, IQ can then help you with client retention/call center... Read More
  • Print Advertising

    Print Advertising

    Depending on the target audience, geographic and age, sometimes the best way to reach a potential claimant is through print advertising. IQ’s print team can help get you remnant rates for newspapers, and place your ad in the... Read More
  • Radio Advertising

    Radio Advertising

    Another advertising medium IQ has had a lot of success with is radio. Depending on how you are planning to geotarget your audience, this can often be the best way to reach them regarding the cases you’re advertising for. Our radio team can help... Read More
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