Media Buying

EFFECTIVE advertising is key.

With years of experience working with multiple media platforms, IQ has the relationships and expertise to secure extremely competitive pricing and packaging, whether it be for a one-time project or for multiple or ongoing campaigns. We also will track your placements, so you know your dollars are working for you.

With a variety of TV networks and stations to choose, all with varying degrees of viewership, demographics and cost, it’s comforting to know you can rely on IQ’s media buying experience and resources to secure cost-effective TV schedules that have the optimal blend of time and frequency so they reach your true target market.

Promote your legal practice through print, a historically successful outlet for communicating with potential clients. IQ’s professionals will find the most competitive pricing and packaging for mainstream and specialty print publications at the local, state and national levels.

Online marketing options vary widely, so rely on IQ’s media buying experts to identify the best outlets for you. Knowing your demographics, what websites your potential clients gravitate toward and which apps they regularly use allows us to appropriately draft the best online marketing plan for you.

Out-of-home media offer non-traditional options for putting your message in front of your target audience while they are driving down the road, sitting at the ballpark or socializing with friends. Billboards, ballpark signs and bus ads are oftentimes an integral part of a firm’s marketing plan.

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